12 Reasons to Write Even When it’s a Time Hog

Who knew this venture into the unknown worlds of your imagination, that stroll down memoir lane, or the pull of the blogosphere would soon overtake all other passions, casual outings (bull riding, garage sale-ing, hang gliding, storage unit organizing) and rob you of sleep and sunset strolls.

12-Reason-to-WriteIn spite of its rooting up black dirt of your life like Bertha the pig happily looking for truffles, there are countless reasons for writing, many of them honorable. Below is a list of a dozen proven truths to justify what otherwise seems like a pork-ish endeavor:

  1.  All those other bloggers now have written legacies and you want one too!
  2. To be self-less.
  3. To be self-ish.
  4. To tell the truth.
  5. To lie without guilt.
  6. To remember.
  7. To forget.
  8. To see the flat spots in your life.
  9. To see your best spots.
  10. It’s cheap therapy.
  11. To be a better lover.
  12. To be fully alive until you die.

We need many more good reasons. I’ll watch for your contribution to the growing list!

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