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I’m a memoirist and writing/spiritual guide, meaning I love narrative and storied identities. When I’m not hunched over my own keyboard, I befriend others in their life and writing at all levels. This includes authors and leaders around the world, as well as doctoral students in Leadership and Spiritual Formation at Portland Seminary of George Fox University. Some of my favorite friends and storytellers are those with remarkable physical or cognitive disabilities who delight with great tenderness, wisdom and humor. I believe listening is an art form honed through deliberate attention–a way of social justice, of diplomacy and of being a good neighbor to those who first appear “other,” and soon become friends.

Even though I come packaged as the least likely to  write, I have penned international bestselling books with accomplished speakers, physicians, therapists and celebrities. I grow ever more fascinated with humanity and making the world a happier, healthier and safer place. The rest is just deadlines and details, and having amazing editors.

As my schedule allows I enjoy speaking and interacting with intimate gatherings of creatives. If you’re interested in knowing more about my work, participating in a Writing Studio, or scheduling me for a speaking engagement, please contact me

My husband, James, and I live in Bozeman, Montana when we’re not out on a road trip or crazy adventure with our adult kids.


The Muse

Come sit with me.

Tell me of India, how mist blankets the low land,

and rises in the  green at sunset.

Blow oxygen into my nostrils

pinched with academic fervor.

Uncurl my fingers from their tight grasp,

so, when I lay my pen down

I might pick it up again.

You whisper, cajole

Romance to come again

after I’ve cussed her and chased her far into the night.

You bring me to the water’s edge

and remind me that I am her.

                      And I dance.

DKW, 2015


“Donna is an artisan and with great care ‘fashions’ authors and their books—she envisions, sketches and builds bestsellers with folks who never even knew themselves to be authors. The process, the journey, through which she takes writers is miraculous and magical; insightful and beautiful; revealing and challenging. She hovers carefully over the places of one’s heart that needs to be protected with enduring patience. Dr. Donna K. Wallace gives the best of herself and her talents, every time.”

– Daisy Rain Martin, author of Juxtaposed: Finding Sanctuary on the Outside

“Donna K. Wallace touches people. With passionate understanding and compassion, she impacts people of all ages with high energy and interactive story. Donna receives rave reviews from her audiences whether in person, on stage, or in print.” 

– Doug Herman, author 

“I’m honored to count you as a dearest friend.”

– Jeremy Soldevilla, author of Second Chances

“Donna, thank you again for offering your time, encouragement, and expertise as I embark on this journey as a published author. I so appreciate and value your time and insight.”

-Jamie Upshulte-Downer, author of YA urban fantasy, Walking Through Spaces


“During scheduled blocks of time each week, Donna opens the great room of her home for shared creative space for those of us who are looking for companionship in our art. A typical sight is artistic types of all different stripe perched on bar stools, recliners or leather couches. Some will be sketching story arcs on the white board, some with furrowed brows bend over laptops and sketch pads, each quietly lending energy to one another. We work individually but never alone.” – ME

“Donna has spent her life preparing a place of sanctuary where I can come and create when the legs of my faith are rubbery and unsure—she is my safe place to explore my story, just as she promised.” – SL

“I always come away from your home and our conversations with such a sense of the grace and peace.” – BB


“Across the years, I have watched Donna develop into a dynamic speaker, thoughtful writer, and creative teacher.  I’ve had the opportunity to observe Donna speak at my church, retreats, in classrooms and multi-cultural/multi-denominational outreaches. Whether the group is African-American or Wyoming ranchers, Donna’s interactive, narrative style is most effective in drawing people to the heart of God. With warmth and intensity, people from all walks of life are reminded of their true identity as being fashioned in the image and identity of God.”  

– Rev. Don Brockus, Cody, WY

“Donna is a gifted and popular communicator. She is a serious and experienced thinker and notable writer in primary works as well as collaboration and co-authored books. She also exhibits great poise social situations, quickly developing rapport with a variety of audiences.” 

– Dr. Phil Robinette, Vanguard University Emeritus

“I have personally witnessed Donna’s deep and sincere desire to befriend others on their spiritual journey through writing, retreats, and teaching. Donna communicates in a way that makes you feel like you are the only one in the room, even among many. Her genuine love for others is infectious and her sense of humor brings a beautiful light to any conversation…whether in personal dialog, ministry, or inviting people to live in community at their home.”

– Tara Bradford


Donna, you helped ease the load in birnging this book to life. It’s far more powerful thatn it wioud hav ebeen without you. When I think of you, I think of Ecclesiastes 4:9, “Two are better than one, because they have a good returne for their labor.” Thank you!

– Dr. Laurel Shaler, professor and former psychotherapist for the Dept of Veterans Affairs

Reclaiming Sanity: Hope and Healing for Trauma, Stres, and Overwhelming Life Events (Colorado Springs: David C. Cook, 2017)

Many people can point to a single book and say, “This book changed the way I live!” And since reading The Healthy Home I have been changed for life. As a fitness professional, personal trainer, wife, and mother, it is my job to listen, learn, and adopt the best ways to improve the quality of my life, my family’s life, and my clients’ lives. 

– Kathy Kaehler, celebrity trainer

The Healthy Home (New York: Vanguard Press, 2011). A New York Times Bestseller

I would like to extend an enormous thanks to my friend and collaborator, Donna Wallace, who truly stayed the course and from the start has kept a bright vision of Finding Ever After. Donna, you brought endless creativity and energy, as well as a crucial and much-needed feminine perspective; your meticulous care and attention to detail were impeccable. Thank you for your unwillingness to settle, for your patience with me, and your awesome sense of humor that allowed us to laugh, even when the going was tough.

– Dr. Robert S. Paul, author, co-president and CEO of the National Institute of Marriage.

Finding Ever After: A Romantic Adventure for Her, An Adventurous Romance for Him (Minneapolis: Bethany Books, 2007). 

Reading your manuscript was like putting on lotion after sitting in the sun for eight hours. This was one of the cleanest to cross my desk this year, and its accessibility in tone and content made an impression on me as well as others on our team. Great job, Donna – thanks for putting in the effort to make this a terrific read.

– Chris Park, Senior Editor, Center Street, Hachette Book Group USA

Donna, Donna, Donna—my collaborator and friend. It cannot be easy to climb into this head of mine and make the thoughts, the ideas, and the passion come to life. Somehow, you did it! I value your talent and your heart. For your creativity, your guidance, and your attention to detail, I thank you.

– Monica Reed, M.D., author, Senior Medical Officer of Florida Hospital in Orlando 

CREATION Health Breakthrough (New York: Hachette, 2007).

I’ve read many, many marriage books, but none has compared to the depth, wisdom, hope and authenticity of this book. Because of the expertly woven stories, I identified with each couple’s struggles. I cheered when they realized where they’d gotten off track and I cringed as I saw myself in their desperation. And through it all, I learned amazing truths about myself, my God, and my marriage.

Everywhere I go, I hear about the impact of this book and the principles within. If you’re struggling in your marriage, longing to see relational health, I highly recommend picking up a copy of this book. Dr. Bob Paul and Dr. Greg Smalley’s proven and surprising insight will, if you let it, revolutionize the way you interact with and love your spouse.

– Mary E. DeMuth, author of Watching The Tree Limbs

The DNA of Relationships for Couples (Carol Stream, IL: Tyndale), 2006.

Donna, I loved what you did with the MS. You handled the POV’s during the counseling sessions very well. The shifts feel natural and clear. Very well done! I also loved the new opening scene with Rodney waiting for Chelsea to come home! This is just what I had envisioned. 

– Kathy Olson, Senior Editor, Tyndale House Publishers

Sister Freaks: Stories of Women Who Gave Everything Up for God, Rebecca St. James, ed. (New York: Warner Faith), 2005.

I totally love this book. These true stories—of young women who are sold out to God and willing to take on whatever He calls them to—just blew me away. Besides actually making me cry, they also challenged me to look more deeply into my own life and calling. I seriously recommend this book to anyone who truly wants to serve God. Really, Sister Freaks is awesome!

– Melody Carlson, author of Diary of a Teenage Girl

I want to give special thanks to my collaborator, Donna K. Wallace, whose wonderful talent and influence is seen throughout this book. Without her energy and guidance, this project would never have seen completion.

– Ray Strand, M.D., international bestselling author

What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know About Nutritional Medicine (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2002). International Bestseller

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