Blitz Blockers: 7 Questions to keep you from Getting Slammed, Part II

Are you perpetually stuck in crunch time?

Does you work extend past 8-10 hours per day? A blitz of concentrated effort is the way to wrap a scene, launch a product, slam dunk a fundraiser…once or twice a year. But if your work days extend past 8 -10 hours any more frequently and for longer periods than a week or two, you are establishing a dangerous lifestyle design, a recipe of great and enduring fatigue and loneliness.

My mom used to say, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” She was right. It is time for you to choose, to give yourself some love and come up with a new plan, a new way of pursuing your mission.

Missions are not accomplished on auto-pilot!

Blitz Blockers

Fortunate for us influencers, we have creativity on our side. When we find ourselves in a mind-numbing rut rather than our awesome groove, we can be assured that our best self is exhausted beyond reason, but not done in. We need a friendly reminder that the well has, in fact, not dried up and blown away; you are not doomed to run on auto-pilot.

Your soul needs your attention. It needs to soak in some beauty and rehydrate to its usual plump and juicy self.

7 Questions that reveal

how close you are to getting blitzed:

  1. “When was the last time I took a vacation that was not a business related or a tax write off?”
  2. “What is the worst case scenario if we don’t meet deadline or goal?” (It lets the air out of the fear.)
  3. “How big do I think I am? Do my co-workers agree with that?”
  4. “What does God think about that?”
  5. “If my life is a four-legged table, which leg is sawn off too short?”
  6. “If my life was a portrait would I want my friends to see it hanging in my house?”
  7. “Have I been fully present (listened to, kissed, tucked into bed, played) with my loved one(s) today?

If you are already in the bog of never-ending blitz,

  • if your commute home feels akin to crawling through the muck of a gutter instead of a runners high or,
  • if your home office has taken every room of the house hostage

You need triage! Seriously, get some help. Hire a life coach, ask for [DKW spiritual direction], subscribe to a friendly voice to help you crawl out of there. 

We’d like to hear from you. Tell us what works to keep life in balance. Share in the Comments