My 9/11 Story

My 9-11 story began on the 405 Freeway. My greatest obsession for several months leading up to the big event was that damn SoCal freeway. Everything paled in comparison to the dreaded commute between Newport Beach and Anaheim. What if I went into labor during traffic hour?

God was merciful, my husband protective, and the baby content to stay put for a few hours after my water broke, so I was able to stall labor until traffic reports gave the “all clear.” Making great time, we sped north toward Kaiser hospital. It was then that I turned to the baby’s father at the wheel and said, “This child needs a name.”

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Will You and Your Masterpiece Still be Alive and Kicking?

Leaders of Influence write; Writers of Influence lead.

Leaders write…whether their medium is mundane, meaningful or magnificent;

Writers lead…whether their medium is intended, inspired or important.

What makes your life and masterpiece extraordinary and unforgettable?

Is your masterpiece flaming out?Hallmarks of both great leaders and writers:

  • Your signature carries impact.
  • Your message is not only spreading, but growing daily.
  • You are being seasoned with time.
  • Your followers are generous as a result of your work.

Is this your story or are you slowly flaming out?

What will your story be in 5, 10, 20…30 years?

Who is tending to your soul?

What has been your biggest challenge in keeping pace with the demands of developing yourself, your message or your masterpiece?

Send me an email (I will respond to you personally) or tell us about it here (comment). Your response matters to me.