Dying to Control: the 21st Century Dilemma – Book Review

Meeting Leon Hayduchok in person is a rare treat. I recently had the privilege of spending an afternoon with the author and our mutual friend, Bryan Baker, founder of Ministry Logistics, to chat about books, publishing and life.

Dying to Control - Leon Hayduchok

Dying to Control: The 21st Century Dilemma is a quick but thoughtful read—the culmination of years of study and living life with no holds barred. This provocative and true look at culture brings fresh perspective on the Adam and Eve story and teaches us about our own controlling attempts toward ambition.

Hayduchok’s theology is rock solid, his personality electrifying, and his story compelling. I am fascinated by the way his first generation Ukrainian-American experience shapes and impacts his faith and understanding of God. I am left wanting more.

I’m a book architect, so of course, I would like to see some structural changes. Among other things, I look forward to reading the missing final chapter. Still, nuggets of truth and great prose are found throughout. One of my favorites being:

“As I watched the foundation of my Christian faith detonate, I marveled at the glorious display. For the first time I was seeing God in color” (ix).

You won’t want to miss this debut work of Leon Hayduchok. I’m not alone when I say that I’m anxious to see more.