How leaders and writers engage their audience!

What do leaders and creatives have in common?

A message to communicate…and without direct access to their soul, both leader and writer will languish.

People are persuaded to act or think differently after a personal connect, and yet here in the West, we continue to pummel the work place, market place, school, and church with more facts and information—cerebral speak—every day.

What engages your audience in a powerful way?

What engages your audience?You. Not illustrations and statistics or wisdom from the sages. Your story is what stays with people. Your passion and your posture—where you go, what you do and how you go about it—both on and off the page.

In the early hours following the death or our friend and pastor, Sam Summers Journey Church, this reality is vivid for us as we see his beautiful legacy made visible in the hundreds of comments and photos of a quiet man who spent his life playing with little children, enjoying the outdoors, hugging his wife and family, baptizing and teaching.

Communicators who are being heard, repeated and followed are intimately and truthfully in touch:

  • with themselves
  • with God
  • with their people

Because being “with” is the story.

Being “with” is costly. A shared life is messy; it’s risky and time consuming. Being “with” requires trust and forgiveness. And it is a story worth telling.

We want to hear your take on this:

What is your message made of?

What phrases of yours do your family and community most often repeat?

If a bronze sculpture were erected in your memory what would its posture be?

By the way, Bob Goff, author of Love Does, is one of the most profound communicators of this very topic.