Mending Broken – Book Review

“What would my life have been like had I not been abused?”

“What could I have accomplished if I hadn’t lost all that time to suffering from mental, emotional, physical pain and trauma after I was raped… mugged… or served in the war?”

While sitting with friends listening to painful questions like these, I offer comfort by being with them, praying with them, and waiting. I listen while they scream in rage and sob until in small glimpses of light God speaks truth into their agonizing questions and they begin to heal.

I wait together with those who are courageous enough to engage with their past while keeping a death grip on their present. I hold on and believe with those who stake a claim in a future filled with hope.

I am witness to damaged, fearful identities being gently, invisibly restored to their original shape—that of God’s beloved ones.

I believe in healing because I’ve been there and have watched it happen. Yet, I still have few words. I can’t explain what is taking place or why exactly.

But I can point you in the direction of one who will speak right into your heart about suffering PTSD and what comes after that…and after that: Teresa Pasquale.

Mending BrokenTeresa Pasquale is bold enough to tell her story truthfully and with balance…through the eyes of an expert on PTSD, therapist, and spiritual pilgrim.

Wherever you are in your journey, especially if it is alongside a loved one suffering from the after effects of trauma, Teresa Pasquale in Mending Broken provides the companionship and resources you need. This is a book to read, talk about, and pass on.

You can find the link to order Mending Broken on Teresa’s website: