Our Storied Selves

In order to discover God in the affairs of our own lives, we cannot deny, seek to escape or suppress any of life’s experiences as they confront us along the way. In running from experiences, we run from ourselves. This is not to say we don’t need intentional reprieve in order to rest and refocus on God’s role in our story.

I hope that in the penning of our stories we will find a rhythm taking place, one similar to how our Lord lived here on earth. We have learned to trust what Jesus said, but few of us have taken the time to notice “how” Jesus lived so that we can recognize His presence in our daily routines so we might follow His rhythms of grace. Let us ask ourselves: What did Jesus do? Where did He go? With whom? And then what?

I have come to understand prayer as the communication of life—the closest we come to a life of balance between the spiritual and physical. It is a strolling dialog, encompassing all of life. It is pausing, listening, asking, speaking, laughing, letting go, crying, dancing, yelling, singing, and resting. It is finding peace. Being known. It is to this dialog I invite you to join me.