My Kicking and Screaming, “Yes.”

I hemmed and hawed, slept in, got busy, scuffed my shoe in the dirt… and finally caved in. Today’s debut post marks my kicking and screaming, “Yes.” I will do it, dammit. I will invest in building an online community.

I’m scowling. It’s true. I’ve been impossible and resistant. I’m late to the party. I know.

Emily Dickenson would have succumbed to the woo of Pinterest and reached out a welcoming hand on Twitter long before I.

Why would a girl who spends hours mono y mono prisoner to writing stay tucked securely in own her room, far away from the love of on-line communities? Words.

Words are sacred. They are not to be flung around with little thought. Words create and destroy.

There is a reason God’s words are punctuated with silence.

Words [glob up] the stratosphere. Words that once carried great power and impact come pouring over our screens with such onslaught, they are wrung out and lose their meaning altogether. Doesn’t matter which form of media, a topic that was once held precious becomes nauseating after its been run back and forth over by folks who love to see their words in print. So can the perceived value of one’s life.

What is more sacred than words?

We can all be self-made celebrities, which means we also get to build structures that rival the Tower of Babel in order to be heard. We might want to give that some thought.

With Babel in mind, the building of relationships through technology is what it is. I surrender. I succumb. I give. Not for the climb, I tell myself.

I’d rather hold your face in my hands. Sit together. Would rather wipe a tear or serve you a warm brownie.

There are only so many hours in a day and if I’m sitting here, I’m not with hurting folks or with my elderly friend next door. I can easily convince myself that writing is more valuable than helping a little child learn English or working at the Food Bank. What do we make of that?

But I also see bold men and women making great strides toward ending global tragedy and painting in broad bands of hope. And its happening only with the force that comes through mega-online networks.

I must not polarize. This isn’t an either/or or situation. It’s merely a matter of goofing up and trying again to get it right-er.

We are the party. It is to you, dear lovers of the world, that I give my kicking and screaming, Yes.