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Guest Post by Daisy Rain Martin

In case you haven’t yet had the privilege meeting Donna and being blown away by her ingenious presence in your book and life, here’s what you need to know:

Donna is a life/book architect. She is an artisan and with great care ‘fashions’ authors and their books—she envisions, sketches and builds best sellers with authors who never even knew themselves to be authors.

The process, the journey, through which she takes a writer is miraculous and magical; insightful and beautiful; revealing and challenging.

She hovers carefully over the places of one’s heart that needs to be protected with enduring patience.

She can take mountains of random writing and mold it into a story arch that reveals the most compelling parts of your work. She sets the rest aside for some future endeavor, wasting nothing. Then she shows you where the “holes” are and helps you fill them.

Her work doesn’t stop with the writing. She wants to see you be successful, and she will give you every marketing tip she knows. She is only one degree of separation to about 1000 famous people and is personal friends with those you want to know when it comes time to publish—which means you are never further than two degrees of separation from the people you need to know. She is quick to make introductions—and that. Is. Priceless.

Donna K. Wallace works with big potatoes, small potatoes, and itty bitty french fries. She gives the best of herself and her talents, every time.

Can’t wait to hear your success story,

Daisy daisyrainmartin.com 

I’d love to hear from you at donna@donnaKwallace.com

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