Hoo-rah for Mr. Savvy!

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This week I was followed on Twitter by a young, zealous guy, smart, techy…and nineteen. So, I followed him back. He suggested that while I was at it, I should hop on over and visit his new site. He’s a cutie and I had an extra minute while waiting in line, so I hopped on [...]

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Uncle Remus, John Wayne, Jerry Falwell & Me

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What is your speaking voice? Is it different than your voice at the dinner table or in the pub or on the baseball field? Do you take on a persona that sounds a whole lot like someone else—your hero maybe? Have you visited a church only to discover that all the pastoral staff sounds eerily alike? [...]

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12 Reasons to Write Even When it’s a Time Hog

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Who knew this venture into the unknown worlds of your imagination, that stroll down memoir lane, or the pull of the blogosphere would soon overtake all other passions, casual outings (bull riding, garage sale-ing, hang gliding, storage unit organizing) and rob you of sleep and sunset strolls. In spite of its rooting up black dirt [...]

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Blitz Blockers: 7 Questions to keep you from Getting Slammed, Part II

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Are you perpetually stuck in crunch time? Does you work extend past 8-10 hours per day? A blitz of concentrated effort is the way to wrap a scene, launch a product, slam dunk a fundraiser…once or twice a year. But if your work days extend past 8 -10 hours any more frequently and for longer [...]

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When Life Becomes The Blitz

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Do you find yourself putting life on hold “just until you finish this project?” Until you are on the other side of “that impending deadline?” Seasonal blitzes are the way we get things done, dial it in, focus, knock it out of the park. A blitz of concentrated effort with all hands on deck is [...]

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My 9/11 Story

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My 9-11 story began on the 405 Freeway. My greatest obsession for several months leading up to the big event was that damn SoCal freeway. Everything paled in comparison to the dreaded commute between Newport Beach and Anaheim. What if I went into labor during traffic hour? God was merciful, my husband protective, and the [...]

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Will You and Your Masterpiece Still be Alive and Kicking?

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Leaders of Influence write; Writers of Influence lead. Leaders write…whether their medium is mundane, meaningful or magnificent; Writers lead…whether their medium is intended, inspired or important. What makes your life and masterpiece extraordinary and unforgettable? Hallmarks of both great leaders and writers: Your signature carries impact. Your message is not only spreading, but growing daily. [...]

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Dying to Control: the 21st Century Dilemma – Book Review

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Meeting Leon Hayduchok in person is a rare treat. I recently had the privilege of spending an afternoon with the author and our mutual friend, Bryan Baker, founder of Ministry Logistics, to chat about books, publishing and life. Dying to Control: The 21st Century Dilemma is a quick but thoughtful read—the culmination of years of [...]

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Mending Broken – Book Review

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“What would my life have been like had I not been abused?” “What could I have accomplished if I hadn’t lost all that time to suffering from mental, emotional, physical pain and trauma after I was raped… mugged… or served in the war?” While sitting with friends listening to painful questions like these, I offer [...]

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How leaders and writers engage their audience!

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What do leaders and creatives have in common? A message to communicate…and without direct access to their soul, both leader and writer will languish. People are persuaded to act or think differently after a personal connect, and yet here in the West, we continue to pummel the work place, market place, school, and church with [...]

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