What is Your Story?

“Please. Can I just have this day?”

Every week I hear from creative people longing to be in print, regardless of the medium. For some, just the mention of their unbidden passion brings tears to their eyes; convinced that writing, photography, sculpting, music is what God designed them to do, if only they could just get around life’s debris (ode to Frederick Buechner) and roadblocks long enough to pull it off. If only to gain permission, rather than stolen moments… I am no stranger to this ache. 

We have a hard time believing that art is merely an extension or an expression of every other action we do: eating, sleeping, taking Sabbath rest, connecting and caring for others and touching the earth. Creativity is in our DNA. It is not a sport or vocation that we have to prove ourselves worthy of.  

What about you? Are you unwilling to succumb to allowing your days to happen by default… Are you restless and driven to pursue your best story,  enduring even the darkest times to create an expression of truth?