Donna K. Wallace, DMin., CSD

Best-selling Author, Speaker, Guide

I’m so glad you are here. If you are already a dear one of mine, I can’t wait to spend time together again. If you are a new acquaintance, I look forward to being an old friend soon.

Here’s a little about me, so that when we get scheduled “visit time” we can get right into the good stuff–your story!

I’m a memoirist and writing/spiritual guide, which means I love a good story. When I’m not hunched over my own keyboard, I befriend others in their life and writing at all levels. This includes authors/artists in an array of mediums, leaders around the world, and doctoral students in academic settings. For the past decade I’ve worked primarily with Portland Seminary of George Fox University.

Some of my favorite friends and storytellers are those with physical or cognitive disabilities who gift us with tenderness, wisdom and humor.

I believe listening is an art form honed through deliberate attention–a way of social justice, of diplomacy and of being a good neighbor to those who first appear “other,” and soon become friends. Writing is often my preferred path to listening.

My bold inspiration for others is that if I can, anyone can! I came packaged as the least likely to succeed at writing and yet I have penned international bestselling books with accomplished speakers, physicians, therapists and celebrities, and I grow ever more fascinated with humanity and making the world a happier, healthier and safer place. The rest is just dedication, deadlines and details… and having amazing editors.

As my schedule allows I enjoy speaking and interacting with both large audiences and intimate gatherings of creatives. If you’re interested in knowing more about my work, participating in a Writing Studio, or scheduling me for a speaking engagement, please contact me or schedule a Free Consult with the button below.

My husband James and I split our time between Bozeman, MT and Nashville, TN… when we’re not out on a road trip or crazy adventure with our adult kids.



“Donna is an artisan and with great care ‘fashions’ authors and their books—she envisions, sketches and builds bestsellers with folks who never even knew themselves to be authors. The process, the journey, through which she takes writers is miraculous and magical; insightful and beautiful; revealing and challenging. She hovers carefully over the places of one’s heart that needs to be protected with enduring patience. Dr. Donna K. Wallace gives the best of herself and her talents, every time.”

– Daisy Rain Martin,  Juxtaposed: Finding Sanctuary on the Outside


“Donna K. Wallace touches people. With passionate understanding and compassion, she impacts people of all ages with high energy and interactive story. Donna receives rave reviews from her audiences whether in person, on stage, or in print.” 

– Doug Herman, author 


“I’m honored to count you as a dearest friend.” – Jeremy Soldevilla,  Second Chances


“Donna, thank you again for offering your time, encouragement, and expertise as I embark on this journey as a published author. I so appreciate and value your time and insight.”

-Jamie Upshulte-Downer, Walking Through Spaces


“During scheduled blocks of time each week, Donna opens the great room of her home for shared creative space for those of us who are looking for companionship in our art. A typical sight is artistic types of all different stripe perched on bar stools, recliners or leather couches. Some will be sketching story arcs on the white board, some with furrowed brows bend over laptops and sketch pads, each quietly lending energy to one another. We work individually but never alone.” – ME


“Donna has spent her life preparing a place of sanctuary where I can come and create when the legs of my faith are rubbery and unsure—she is my safe place to explore my story, just as she promised.” – SL


“I always come away from your home and our conversations with such a sense of the grace and peace.” – BB

What is Your Story?

“Please. Can I just have this day?”

Every week I hear from creative people longing to be in print, regardless of the medium. For some, just the mention of their unbidden passion brings tears to their eyes; convinced that writing, photography, sculpting, music is what God designed them to do, if only they could just get around life’s debris (ode to Frederick Buechner) and roadblocks long enough to pull it off. If only to gain permission, rather than stolen moments… I am no stranger to this ache. 

We have a hard time believing that art is merely an extension or an expression of every other action we do: eating, sleeping, taking Sabbath rest, connecting and caring for others and touching the earth. Creativity is in our DNA. It is not a sport or vocation that we have to prove ourselves worthy of.  

What about you? Are you unwilling to succumb to allowing your days to happen by default… Are you restless and driven to pursue your best story,  enduring even the darkest times to create an expression of truth?